Each sport has a certain set of rules and regulations that every participant needs to follow.

For the ICC cricket fantasy league, the rules are as under:

Picking a Team

The very first step is to pick a team. You have to select 11 players with a total budget of 75 where a player is valued between 2 and 10. The team can have 2-5 batsmen and bowlers, 1-3 Wicket-keepers and 1-4 All-rounders. Again, from a particular country, you can choose a maximum of 4 players. This value goes up to 6 in semis and 8 if you reach the finals. One will be assigned as a Power Player who is eligible to score double points.


Until the tournament starts, you are allowed unlimited transfers to your team. Once it starts, the restrictions come in. In the group stage of the tournament, you are allowed a maximum of twenty transfers. Again, after group stage and until the semis start, you have unlimited transfers at your disposal. The same applies after semis and before finals. Between the two semis, only four transfers are allowed.

Player Values

Player values are decided based on a number of factors. This includes their recent global form, the strength of the team, international record etc.  These values are fixed and do not fluctuate once the tournament begins.


The points are awarded in the following manner. If a batsman scores a run, he gets 1 point but if he hits a six there is a bonus of 2 points. If he scores 50, he gets 10 and if he goes on to complete a century then 25, which includes 10 from the half-century. If he gets out at duck, then 5 points are deducted, but this is not applicable if he is a bowler. Again, for strike rate, different points are allotted. A player having a strike rate between 100 and 140 gets 5 and if it is above 140 he gets 10. But if this rate goes below 60, then 5 points are deducted.

Taking a wicket gives your team 20 points. A 3-wicket haul gives a bonus of 10, while the same for 5-wicket haul is 25. Maiden over thrown by a bowler gets you 5, but both no ball and wide will get 1 point deducted. Again, the economy rate of the bowler affects your scorecard. A rate of less than four runs an over gets you 10, while between 4 and 6 gets you 5. If it is anything above 6, get ready for 5-point deduction.

A catch and run out get 10 each, while stumping earns 20.

These are just some of the basic rules. You should go through the entire rules and regulations before entering this venture.

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